2:17 AM

You pushed me away


I cant sleep at night bcs ahh how funny yeah we try to move on and at the same time , hold on . Ehek ehek . Hopefully and i wish you knew hw much i stress over you . Hopefully . It just bcs no matter how hard i try to push u out of my mind , you still come back to me . Yes . I do miss you but im trying my best to stop . Gila kauu . Kau kan dh ada yang lain . Even i seriously cant stop thinking abt you . Sigh

I hope you realized everything you did to me . Aku tahu kau dah sedar . You messed up again and i think its time for me to walk away and leave your life . Don’t say sorry and don’t you ever ever come back to me cause im better off without you . IM DEADLY SERIOUS HOKAYY . Im ready to let go of you today . Its gonna be hard and i may tear up but i know its best for me . HAKUUU SADO HOKAYYYY *cries a waterfall*

Hell yeah it hurts to let go but sometimes it hurts more to hold on . Bila kau cakap kau tgh dating nii , ehh rabak pulak hati kita hm . I pretend to be happy a lot yelahh hajar sado msti kna happy sllu but im not . Not strong enough . Inside , im really fucked up . It hurts me so much . Its really hard to decide when act im too tired to hold on . Yet , im too in love to let go *lempang muka sendiri*

Dah lah berjiwang pulak . Kau terasa ? Hm sukati hg lah . I may look strong !! Eh tapi im a strong person lahhhhhh . Im just need someone to tell me that everythings going to be alright . Hm kepada awak awak , if u start to miss me . Just remember one thing . I didn’t walk away , you let me go .

Goodnight , Love xx

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