4:40 PM

A : npe nih3
meh cite cni

N : **** da ta cye kite

A : npe plak nih

N : die cpt slh sngke ..

A : ishh siannye ..
ok * cite n nangis la spuas2nye kt * k .
* sdie mndegr .. ok da la eh jgn nangis lg.. k..
wash ur face..

npe nih3
yah guys !
im so sad !
hnye die tmpt aq luahkn sgalenye yg tebuku at ati aq
ya allah
thnx cz kaw tmukn aq dgn die
ta penah lgy aq jmpe org mcm die
thnx god ..

bt !
bile aq nk cite an at die
about somthing happen at myself !
aq nangis !
aq lmah weyhh
hnye tangisan yg aq mmpu berikn !
aq perlukn die disisi aq bt we jzz F..
not better than that !
so , aq ta bole !
ta bole
aq ta bole tnpe die
npe la aq lmah weyh
weyh tlg aq weyhh

nonsense !
aq ta bemksd nk amek die weyhh
act tade sbutir prasaan aq pon kt DIE ..
tade weyhhh

i will never forget the days we once had
the days when you were everythng to me
my mind used to tell me we to be together forever
but now i realize that was all a big dreams
the feeling i have for you will never go
i wish i could take back that are regretfull day
the day when i willing let u slide from my arms
never did i think of the asthorishing pair of regret
that i would once have to live through
the sight or u in somewhere else arms
makes my heart shatters into a million pieces
i sometimes worder if u still think of me
or if to you, im just a race in the crows
i wish so very much one day
we can have it all back
but for now, i'll sit here silently
remeber all the memories we once shared
everydays my love grows much stronger
hoping that one day u will feel the same
are but back the exces of my broken heart ..

never says ILOVEU
if u really DON'T CARE
never talks about feelings
there aren't really
there never hold my hand if u r going 2 break
my hearts never says u r going 2
if u don't plan start never 2 looks into my eyes
if all u do is lie never says HELLO
if you really mean GD-BYE
if u really mean 4EVAR
then says u WILL TRY
never says 4EVAR cz 4EVAR MAKES ME CRY

don't let me cry ..

i love u
care for u
hope u never let me go
cz without u i will never be able to walk this road alone

give me my heart back

S'times i get mad at u,
i dont like the thing u say .
mayb u feel this way bout me too but i know how 2 throw it all away.
u act weird s'times i dont understand.

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