11:34 AM

kaw ! :D :)

I love you
Both of you ♥
For who you are
warts and all .

You enrich my life
By your friendship
With you beside me
I stand tall.

I’m here for you
For all you need
To help you
In any way I can.

You’re here for me
It comforts me
I know when I’m sad
You’ll hold my hand.

You’ve helped me
Through your love
Become the person
…who I am now.

You’ve shared with me
Both strength and heart
And an upward stance.

I love you
Whether near or far
You’ve helped me succeed
In dreams and plans.

What could be better
What is truer
What is faith
but a trusting friend.

dedicated to :)

i always love u
thnx ! sbb sllu tlg haja
support haja
thnx sygg ..

thnx !
sbb sudi jd kwn aq yg hnye smentare ..
temi kasih aq ucpkn !
aq syg kaw ..
forever sygg

thnx sbb kaw sllu brade blakang aq !
kaw sllu support aq !
kaw sllu ajar aq ape e2 kehidupan !
mskipon hidup tuh mmg susah
kaw ajar aq cmne nk troskn idop kalo kite ditimpa mslh yg sgt bsr !
thnx ! pengorbanan kaw sgt bsr n bereti untk aq !
thnx kwn !

smlm ! DANIAL ! die jahat !
die kacau aq ! jht la kaw !
smlm kite men pukul pukul pkai pensel bog la ! ketas laa !
haha ! best doe !
danial ! aq syg kaw ! I LOVE U !

AS A FRIENDS ! kaw ! jgn nk gedik yeh DANIAL !

hhhaah ! ok ! danial !

BYE !! haha :D

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